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In February of 2011, I began cooking all 118 cards in the Dinner is Served 1972 recipe card set. Here is a preview: I finally found a set that included cards from the 1973 series and I began cooking them at the beginning of 2017.

It was odd because I hadn’t had one in so long and I don’t recall being a big fan of them as a kid. Those watery ingredients wouldn’t make a proper Chipped Ham BBQ. On her blog Aunt Marie mentions growing up in Western PA and her fond memories of Isaly’s. I modified Glenda Losz’s recipe slightly because I used a bag of pre-shredded cabbage which contained some carrots and I added some black pepper, upped the vinegar and increased the celery seed. So if you like pulled pork, I promise that you will like this.

In my fuzzy memories the recipe my mum used was just chipped ham in a skillet with water, Heinz ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce. Aunt Marie definitely knows her Pittsburgh cuisine–go to her blog. I paired the BBQ sammich with some frozen onion rings, some horsey sauce, and cole slaw. So here is my finished meal–quick, easy, and pretty cheap.

I chose a slaw recipe from this well-loved Hungarian-American cookbook that my Gramsy had in her kitchen (it was also from this collection that I inherited Dinner is Served! is attributed to a member of the parrish–and always as a Mrs. The only thing I didn’t already have in my kitchen was the ham and the buns.

It really does make such a difference in cold salads and slaws. Of course, here in Baltimore (not just my Safeway) Isaly’s Chipped Ham is not available. Once those few adjustments were made–this sammich was just as I remembered. I did tear up the ham slices as I added them to the pan but since it’s very thinly sliced lunch meat it automatically falls into little pieces while it simmers.

(PRS) Administered by Bug See more » I enjoyed Happy Endings more than any other film I've seen this year.

I admit I had a difficult time following the convoluted plot and that the side title narration did not really help, but I found the film to be most rewarding.

The fact that he did not get nominated for an Oscar is staggering.

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