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They found that both men and women were more likely to marry someone of the race of their opposite-sex parent than of their same-sex parent (eg if you’re a woman with a Hawaiian mother and white father, you’re more likely to marry a white person).

This is consistent with some kind of social imprinting where your opposite-sex parent serves as a template for future romantic interest.

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Enquist, Aronsson, Ghirlanda, Jansson, and Jannini (2010) starts its Methods section with “We obtained data through newsgroups fetish and fetish.breastmilk”, so you know it’s gonna be interesting.

They test another feature of men sexually imprinting on their mothers: suppose you’re a man with a sibling a few years younger than yourself.

The authors took a different tactic and pointed out that most of us don’t marry the first person we have a crush on, or even the second or third.

Sometimes we marry the tenth person we really like, sometimes we settle for people we only like a little, and sometimes we get drunk, have sex in a cheap motel, and have the person’s parent threaten us with a shotgun unless we go to the chapel right now.

Such a striking finding should increase our confidence in all of the above experiments a lot.

So okay, I guess this issue is solved, it’s definitely just sexual imprinting on the opposite-sex parent, thank goodness, for once we have a perfectly clear noncontradictory result and we can all just go home and – We also tested for evidence of sexual imprinting, where individuals acquire mate-choice criteria during development by using their opposite-sex parent as the template of a desirable mate; there was no such effect for any trait. Okay, fine, let’s look at this a little more closely.There are a lot of suspicious things like hair-length preferences being impressively and significantly heritable for women but not heritable at all for men, and on one hand the two findings’ 95% confidence intervals do overlap, but on the other hand that’s because all of the confidence intervals are super-wide anyway.Overall I guess it’s nice that this study doesn’t blatantly break Turkheimer’s First Law, but I’m not going to draw any sweeping conclusions off of it. Psychoanalysts argue that sons are attracted to women who look like their mothers, because they imprint on their mothers and use them as a schema for their ideal woman.(and probably something similar for daughters and their fathers, though the psychoanalysts don’t usually get around to talking about that) I’ve counterargued that sons get half their genes from their fathers, who apparently were attracted to women who looked like the sons’ mothers.Spence & Smith replicated this finding with zebra fish raised by differently-colored zebra fish.

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