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It’s been inspiring just talking to all the fans that I’ve met that this relationship has been important to so I feel really lucky that I got to be the actress to play this part.

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AA: That was the hardest scene I’ve ever had to shoot.

All the logistics of driving that car and the guns out the window and the angles and it kept raining so we went back to that location three or four times just getting little pieces at a time.

Even if it was just Shaw rolling her eyes, she knew that she had gotten through.

AA: I thought that episode was really fascinating and Sarah did such a great job with it so, for me, what I liked from Root’s point of view, it showed that it wasn’t a one-sided relationship. You’ve seen me pining away for Shaw and trying to find her and you didn’t see her take on it but I think that evened out the relationship a little bit.

Here’s what she had to say: They told me the day before San Diego Comic-Con!

It was hard to keep the secret that long…it was interesting because at that point we really didn’t know what was going to happen with the show.

You’re just becoming a God.” It’s hard to become too upset when they’re making you into a God. She’s kind of always been a loner and really her first love was The Machine.

That was the only thing she was able to care about was The Machine…so when she found Shaw, I think that was a major turning point for her character.

It was so action intensive that I felt like I was an action hero, for sure.

AA: Even though she ends up dying she gets exactly what she wants. She was fighting for singularity and all of that and wanting people to become machines and how The Machine should take over.

They wrote it so well that it made it so much fun for us. AA: My personal take on it is that Shaw is kind of impenetrable in general.

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