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In fact, I’m pretty sure that song is half the reason I’m gay.

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It was set up so that we'd go to school in the morning or do weightlifting and then we'd do soccer training in the afternoon. When I first came here, I went out with some guys from the team and I was just like, 'Wow'.

It was hard at first because I was young - I was 14 - and I kind of missed my mom. I love the shopping here - that's probably my favorite thing to do. It's more like two good prospects hopefully working together at some point in a partnership to help the United States win a World Cup.

He talked to Kidzworld about the MLS playoffs, his first goal and his Haitian heritage. He's been really helpful and you can only become a better player by playing with someone like him.

Jozy Altidore: It was a really good program and it does a lot to help young prospects train.

I think sometimes people get the wrong idea about Haiti because they see all the corruption and stuff on the news.

But other than the corruption, Haiti is beautiful and the people are really nice.

Wie, but we can confirm that on the day she officially turned pro in 2005, she immediately caked out on multi-million dollar deals with Sony and Nike. So what if he'll be crippled by carpal tunnel syndrome before puberty? Good luck, "Lil Poison." SPORT: Chess AGE TURNED PRO: 15 RESULT: Fischer became the youngest grandmaster in history at 15 years and six months. and forced to live the rest of his life as a fugitive.

The highlight of his career came in 1972, when he beat Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union to become the World Champion of Chess. He later became notorious for anti-Semitic remarks and controversial commentary on the 9/11 attacks, and died in 2008. SPORT: Football, University of Louisville AGE TURNED PRO: 15 RESULT: Nigerian immigrant and academic standout Okoye chose Louisville over Harvard when he committed as a teenager.

But you get used to it and get comfortable after a while. If things go along right, we'll hopefully be playing together at the next World Cup. When I was growing up, they worked so much and sacrificed a lot for me.

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