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This confessor wonders "why are pregnant chicks so hot?Screw a skinny chick I want a nice big 8 month along pregnant belly in bed with me." It seems since he is the one who considers pregnant chicks hot, he should be able to answer his own question.

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This man confesses that "I stalk pregnancy chat rooms to hit up pregnant chicks.

They always know how to make me feel good." He doesn't sound too bad...

Just by his tone, I am going to bet he is not around for those kids.

He definitely won't be winning any father of the year award.

I know this is not how it works, and them being pregnant is part of the allure, in addition to the big belly. A lot of men get the appeal of a pregnant woman, and many share his passion for them.

It just seems that this fetish leaves a lot of women getting broken up with and hurt, during a time which is supposed to be happy. He gets so excited by pregnant women that they can even be related to him! I feel as though not many would go so far as to be attracted to a pregnant family member.Personally, I felt my least desirable when I was pregnant.I was tired, and I did not like my changing body AT ALL.While attraction is a part of a relationship, it seems that many of these men care only about the sexual attraction and nothing else.It is hard not to feel sorry the poor unsuspecting pregnant woman.Not only that, he says it is all he can think about.

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