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If you’d like to migrate a library from i Photo 7 or earlier, use Apple’s free i Photo Library Upgrader tool to prepare your library first.

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If this all started after you updated, just got and a) delete the installation files and b) delete the old version. You can also trash your offline internet files and temp files.

Hope that helps, David Size dialog, look at the Image Size value at the top of the dialog?

I am also using a third party client engagement software called v Cita to add an easy contact form on my pages. There are a few more items but this will do for now.

When you install OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 or later, Photos is part of the update.

It allows viewing, organizing and editing large numbers of digital images. Despite sharing its name with Adobe Photoshop, it cannot perform many Photoshop functions such as doctoring (adding, removing or altering the appearance of individual image items), rendering text or 3D objects on images, or modifying individual video frames. It cannot operate on files unless they are imported into its database first, and only in recognized image formats. But as of 2017, it has become a family of products consisting of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC.

Similar in concept to the 'Organizer' in Adobe Photoshop Elements and other image organizers, this module imports and exports images, creates image collections, organizes images by their metadata, and adds ratings to them. Supports non-destructive editing of images en masse.

Unfortunately, it's a software app, not a person, so even though it doesn't have the space it needs, it'll keep TRYING to do what you asked of it.

That's probably why you're getting the progress bar -- the app is trying to progress, but can't, yet it doesn't know when to quit.

If you open i Photo or Aperture after you upgrade to Photos, you’ll be asked if you want to open your library there or in Photos.

Any changes or edits you make in i Photo or Aperture aren't reflected in Photos.

In many cases, if you had a single i Photo library in your Pictures folder, your entire library—including your photos, videos, projects, and albums—automatically appears in Photos the first time you open it.

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